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Is the journey as important as the destination? Beth Hayhurst thinks so.

For over twenty years, in the most demanding of professions and with the most discerning of clientele, Beth has helped organizations, individuals and families achieve their goals by focusing on the details along the way.

Sometimes little things, sometimes big things… But always the most important things. The things that matter in life… And in real estate. The things she learned along the way.

Beth is excited to bring this passion for service, knowledge of business and a deeply personal touch to real estate in the Greater Victoria area. A region which so many are fortunate to call home… And which so many more wish to call home soon.

Beth expects to spend as much time learning about her clients’ needs and budgets as their dreams and vision. Because when it comes to a client’s home, Beth knows that this is a big thing. But the little things still matter.

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Always the Most important things


Beth Hayhurst has developed a reputation of exceeding expectations in most everything she does. Her “client-first” philosophy is rooted in more than twenty-five years’ experience of bringing a highly personal touch in fast-paced professional settings.

As a high-end lifestyle photographer, Beth has built a referral-only business in two provinces for discerning families seeking a uniquely personal way to capture their ‘essence’ on film – from artistic in-studio maternity shots to documentary-style, multi-generation family portraits. Her photography has been featured in numerous publications and as a sought-after charity auction item. In 2004, her story as an early “mompreneur” was captured I as a front-page feature of The Style section in the Globe and Mail.

Beth first learned about grace under pressure during the tech heyday of the 1990s when she was tapped by one of Canada’s fastest growing software companies to manage their toughest customers. From four-star generals in the US Air Army to CEOs of North America’s biggest retailers, Beth earned the respect and gratitude of both customers and peers for keeping an eye on the big picture – and keeping the little things out of the way.Beth is excited to bring her passion for delivering professional services in a uniquely personal and creative way to help her clients achieve their ultimate lifestyle goals through real estate.

Today, Beth, her husband Jim and their three children are proud to call Victoria home. They actively pursue the region’s diverse urban and outdoor lifestyle offerings and are deeply involved in our community as active supporters of numerous causes, including Power To Be and Pearson College.